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Reimbursement for services rendered can be made in a number of ways in our offices. You may pay with cash, a personal check, or credit card at time of visit. Paying at the time the services are rendered allows us to keep our overhead down and thus we provide a discount off our regular fees. Thus allows us keep our services affordable for more people.

Our fees are developed using the Colorado Workman’s Compensation fee schedule, Medicode, and other methods. The Colorado Workman’s Compensation fee schedule was developed by the state and is a contrived 20% reduction of the average fees charged by all health care providers in the state. We accept third party payment in many case including auto-accident and workman’s compensation insurance, many HMO, PPO and other health care plans. We also accept Medicare patients. All third party payment should be verified to ascertain coverage of services with the staff at the front desk before services are rendered. We recommend that all patients independently verify what services their insurance carrier cover.

We are happy to give you all the necessary paperwork listing diagnosis codes and the procedures that have been performed in our offices, so that the patient can elect to pay us cash at the time of service to get the discounted fees and then perform their own insurance billing.


We provide discounts off our regular fees when paid at the time of service. When paid at the time of service we provide additional discounted service fees for children age 11 and younger.  We provide treatment to all Four Corners area high school athletes at no charge during their given sport’s season for acute injuries only. The season being defined as when the first practice starts and continuing until the final competition for that particular high school sport. There is no discount for x-ray services, splinting braces or other supplies, or for corrective/multimodal care.


We provide a senior citizen discount for chiropractic adjustment fees and 20% off of nutritional supplements for those aged 65 and older. Medicare patients are required to pay us at the time of services rendered.  We are then required by law to forward to Medicare copies of billings for all Medicare beneficiaries regardless of whether either the Medicare beneficiary or this office wants to send them copies. Medicare automatically sends the information to any supplementary/secondary insurance carrier.  Medicare also has a list of criteria for billing and patient management that first must be met before they will reimburse the patient for services rendered.  A list of Medicare criteria can be attained at the front desk.


Mountain Chiropractic, P.C. is not a bank and we do not offer credit. If you have tight finances we will hold a currently dated check for you for a reasonable amount of time (sorry, no post-dated checks). We do not have a credit policy other than what is discussed above. Please discuss all payment policies with the front desk staff and not with the doctor.