Mountain Chiropractic, P.C.

Michael R. Treinen, D.C.


Dr. Treinen has attained a Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner (C.C.E.P.). This Palmer College of Chiropractic sponsored certification program warrants that he has completed an accredited course of post-graduate study and clinical work in the care and treatment and management of extremity injuries. This sports injury course is the culmination of research conducted on thousands of athletic cases including high school, college, professional and Olympic athletes.

This series of classes began with a weekend studying the foot, the next weekend class studied the ankle, the next the knee, and in succession the hip joint, the shoulder, elbow, wrist, jaw, and ribs. Then he passed all the tests to be certified under the authority of the Council on Extremity Adjusting. Common conditions, such as carpal tunnel syndrome (numbness/pain in hands), shoulder and elbow pain, rib pain, jaw pain or clicking or popping (also known as TMJ dysfunction), hip, knee, and feet pain, all typically respond remarkably well with the treatment protocols provided in this course.

Mountain Chiropractic offers sports physicals, and free chiropractic care for high school athletes!